Saturday, December 5, 2015

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Home Improvement Expert

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Home Improvement Expert

Your home is your I right?  It is also your biggest investment.. right?  You leverage your credit, your home, your good name, and your reputation to mortgage the home of your dreams.  This house is your home and it meant enough to put everything on the line to get.  Now it needs updating and you have to hire a contractor.

So what do you do?  Do you do like 90% of homeowners, you get 3 estimates and pick the cheapest one?  Are you insane??

So you spent all of this money on your home.  You love your house.  You have a huge loan outstanding on the property.  But you are ok with going with the lowest price you get for your new roof, siding, kitchen, bathroom or whatever.  Because everyone knows, you always get the best product for the lowest price.  Right?  WRONG!!!

Before you search for the contractor for your new home improvement project, you need to know one thing.  You get what you pay for.  If you go into the process with that idea in the back of your head, you will be ahead of most homeowners fixing their homes.

The company you choose and their reputation, how you get along with the sales person, the types and quality of products they use, and requirements like licensing and proper insurance are all more important than price.  Why?  Because if you get three estimates for 5k, 7k, and 10k and you choose the lowest price and they botch the project.  You are going to pay the 5k plus at least 7k for the next best price to fix it.

And you really have to ask yourself why is this particular contractor so much lower than the rest?  What are they not doing?  What corners are they cutting?  What are they leaving out?